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Dovev - Nahala

Dovev, Israel

For Sale

₪ 4,500,000

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Dovev (Hebrew: דּוֹבֵ"ב‎) is a moshav in northern Israel. Located in the Upper Galilee around 7 km north of Har Meron. An amazing green and pastoral moshav in a high location, overlooking all the mountains of northern Israel. Moshav Dovev has a fine community of Israelis of the finest breed. Kind people who are hospitable and have a high joy of life. Most of the community in the moshav are religious and traditional.

The land icludes 26 dunams which divided as follows:

Plot A - 250 sqm house located on a plot of 2.7 dunams.

Plot B - 3 acres of chicken coops rented at 14,000 NIS per month.

Plot C - 20 dunams of agricultural plantations.

There are extensive options for further construction

A tourist area suitable for the construction of holiday units.

A total of 26 dunams.

Property Details

Property Type

Privately Owned Land - A village with a view of Mount Meron







26 dunams


Property Location

Dovev, Israel

best real estate in israel
best real estate in israel
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