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יזמות נדל"ן נכסים מניבים להשקעה
ben meir group real estate
Israel Real Estate Entrepreneurship
Caution: You may win!

How much is my house worth?
Does my property have a chance to go through an urban renewal project? 

When exactly is it worth better - to keep and not sell my house?

Let's check!

We are Ben Meir Group - Specialize in initiating construction clearance projects

And urban renewal in all its guises.


If you are thinking of trying to increase the value of your property - whether you have a private house, ground area, or Apartment in an old building or in a central location - and you don't know what your options are, how to pick up such a move on your own? And where do you even start?

The first step is here and now


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To check fit at no cost

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No, this is not a dream!

It is possible.

Open a window in your house for a moment & Listen to the bustling city around you.


There's no situation where you don't hear the noise of drilling and excavations from the new projects being built around you ...


When will the moment come when this terrible noise will become the magical sound of your house that is being built ... and is going to be worth much more than it is worth today.

Usually such an opportunity comes only once in a lifetime. That is why every entrepreneurship project we set up is thoroughly designed so that it maximizes tenant rights and the value of your future property.

The personal safety of our customers is always our top priority.
We are here to provide you with peace of mind, so that you can enjoy the result and also the whole process itself - from the adjustment stage, recruiting investors, planning, evacuating the apartments and moving to alternative apartments until the construction and occupancy of the new apartments is completed.


True it is complex, it takes time and needs a lot of patience. But it is certainly possible and of course profitable and lucrative.

Not every property is suitable for a construction eviction project / TMA 38 / urban renewal.
And sometimes a lot of projects stay dormant for various reasons.

We are here to test for you at no cost and no obligation - If your property can be worth more and be part of a renewed construction project.

Were you found suitable?
We will be happy to share with you all the options available to you, and we will start advancing you on a fast flight towards the coveted goal.

Come be a part of our clientele who have managed to leverage their property!

יזמות נדל"ן נכסים מניבים להשקעה
israel real estate

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If your house is not suitable for construction type evacuation projects / TMA 38 / urban renewal - there are still many actions that can be taken to maximize the value of the property.


Do not try to sell your house on your own - before consulting an expert real estate consultant who understands the field in depth.

Sometimes there are things you don't see or don't know - and it is a pity to miss.

The right decisions in the process of selling a house can greatly affect your future.

Want to know if you too can earn more from your house?

Send us a message with your details

And we will be happy to advise you

Ben Meir Group
Feel at home :)

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