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Ben Meir Group

Real Estate Agency

Buying or selling a house is one of the biggest and most significant steps in our lives.


This will be the most expensive purchase we will ever make,

or the biggest sale deal we will get to do - so we must do it properly.


Selling your house?

Looking for a house to buy?

Interested in an income-producing property for investment?

You came to the right place!

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People who are unfamiliar with the real estate world, can lose a lot of money,

when buying or selling a property - due to a lack of important information and data and the inability to negotiate properly.


In many cases after putting a lot of effort and after much progress,

most of people might give up and willing to compromise a lot on the property price.


Many avoid using real estate consulting and investment services in order to save costs While in most cases,


Without a good real estate agent we can lose a lot of money.

Besides the ability to negotiate effectively, the broad experience and the many connections, the role of the real estate agent is to know all the data about the property and its surroundings and, after thorough inspections, to find important and essential key points, which ultimately lead to meaningful and successful negotiations.

Good negotiation

Can improve the deal

Between 10% - 20%

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Ben Meir Group - Israeli Real Estate Agency

We are committed to:

Make a full effort to sell your house, at the best price and conditions for you!

Represent you faithfully and professionally With all the factors involved in the process and cooperate with any factor interested in bringing buyers to the property.


Interested in an income-producing property for investment?

 Contact us and we will be happy to update you with a list of new properties on the market, worth investing in - and advise you on how you can yield a nice return by buying a smart asset that covers the mortgage itself.

Looking for a house to buy?

We will do everything to ensure that you get the house of your dreams, without compromise, at the best price possible! And after careful testing in all parameters related to the property itself and its sellers.


We believe in love at first sight :)

and cooperation is a supreme value for us.


In addition to our brokerage, marketing and advertising services, our company also offers advice and guidance to the various factors involved in the transaction process, reliable and excellent professionals that we work with. Such as: bankers, mortgage advisers, real estate appraisers, lawyers and architects.

Join our clientele and enjoy the best way to get a great deal!

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israel real estate ben meir group

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Our service

משכנתא בדיקת זכאות ליווי וייעוץ

Checking the eligibility of escorts and counseling

עיצוב קמפיינים פרסומיים  לרשתות חברתיות

Designing advertising campaigns
For social networks and Leading website

יום מרוכז השכרת שירות סוכן מומחה  שמלווה

Concentrated day tour
Personal escort service of an expert agent in several centers of investment properties

שירות משפטי עו”ד מומחה בענייני נדל”ן

Legal service
An attorney specializing in real estate matters

רשת שיתוף פעולה עם סוכני נדל”ן מוסמכים

Collaborative Network
With qualified r
eal estate agents

בדיקת נכס בדיקה מעמיקה לאיתור לקויות ופס

Property inspection
In-depth inspection to detect defects and warning lights

ניהול מו”מ חכם לאורך כל הדרך

Smart negotiation management
all the way

צילום מקצועי של הנכס

Professional photography of the property

פרסום בינלאומי מעודד עלייה לישראל

International advertising
Encourages immigration to Israel

הערכת שווי נכס  ללא עלות וללא התחייבות

Valuation of an asset
At No cost and no obligation

זמינות ושיקוף תהליכים מול הלקוח

Availability and process reflection
In front of the customer

הפקת נסח טאבו רשמי מפנקסי המקרקעין בדיקת

Draft a taboo

Checking accurate data on each property

Why work with us?

Read our client' comments:

Ben Meir Group
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israel real estate

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Properties for investment

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best real estate in israel
israel real estae
best real estate in israel
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